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More Sugar in your Wine? Keep your opinion to yourself slaves!

<font size="1pt">:L'Application:

001. <b>What are you named?:</b> I.O.U. Pinata!
002. <b>For how many years have you existed?:</b> a thousand sunshines!
003. <b>Homestead:</b> Huntsville! We kill animals for your digestional needs! Without blood and bacteria cost extra though...
004. <b>Sexual Preference:</b> utters!
005. <b>Do you have a husband?:</b> Of course.
006. <b>Favorite color in the whole wide world:</b> I like to believe they are all pretty colors!
007. <b>Does James Bond fascinate you?:</b> His relationship to his fancy cars do.
008. <b>When will the world spontaneously combust?:</b> When I push the button! better give me my love now!


009. <b>How do you like your potato?:</b> circumsizing liars...
010. <b>Do you enjoy consuming condiments by themselves? <u>Why?</u>:</b> cuz I am lazy...
011. <b>Does the consumption of macaroni and cheese give back to the community?:</b> poop fetishes are quite a lovely obsession in the end. Yes I agree.
012. <b>Tamales are the focus of your life, no? What are the best kind? Please be elaborate.:</b> Of course! The kind that overwhelm your chest to bleed in ache instead of resting for such pleasure is so much of an addiction that I beg of thee to please...deliver more for I must have more! It is too great!
013. <b>Are food products that are reduced in fat minions of the anti-Christ?:</b> You watch too much tv.
014. <b>How do you feel about cheese bread?:</b> Foamy ain't getting any of mine money!
015. <b>Make a list of your fifteen favorite foods. Now.</b> Red Mac, John Macadai, Ravolli, ABC 123, Marsalla, mashy potatos, goat heads...wait no cheese, sandwiches (cute 4 ways of course), sweet peas, onion soup, lasanga, potato soup, frosty flakes, pizza, speghetti...if I could spell it right and if it is cook so it has a thick sauce.

: les arts:

016. <b>Ten Bands that you adore. List them, child.</b>
1 - Mr. Bungle
2 - Screaming Monkey Boner
3 - Tub Ring
4 - Faith No MOre
5 - Silverchair
6 - Mindless Self Indulgence
7 - Fantomas
8 - Duct Tape Mustache
9 - Maroon 5
10 - Super 8-bit Brothers

017. <b>Which bands should be pushed off a cliff into a pit of hot cinders?:</b> Velvet Revolver
018. <b>Do you play an instrument? Are you wonderful at it?</b> Kind of and kind of
019. <b>Write a song.</b> I wrote whitney's song... www.geocities.com/cuckuforcaca
020. <b>Would you dance for me?:</b> only freaky style!
021. <b>Do you write poetry?:</b> of course.

first two stanze of
"To Whom who Mothered Me"

Through a child's mirror I'll cherish thee
You cradle me soft and now dreams I'll dream softer
and in Time, I'll time a very sweet dream
and hold your hand with love in between

and if I awake among a midnight scream

you'll comfort me long and now resting
I'll rest more comfortally
and in thought, I'll think a very sweet theme
and praise you until you feel like a queen

022. <b>Can you paint beautiful things?:</b> not as good as that elephant apparently. He can sale lines for 500 bucks...
023. <b>Have you ever been to the Louvre?:</b> Such a waste really
024. <b>Is Ballet good for the environment?:</b> For the pee wee herman theather crown, of course.
025. <b>Which movies are the best in all the land?:</b> THe ones that rock my socks off...duh.
026. <b>Which actor/actress would you want dead?:</b> J-Lo and anyone who acted with her.


027. <b>How tall are you?:</b> about ye penis high....6'2
028. <b>Is your hair soft enough to pet?:</b> of course.
029. <b>Describe your body. But make it sound wonderful.</b> I arch her back as the sweat slow dance off her back. Our bodies collidge together and I feel the arousal of her breast upon mine! The sweat burns my back as each pathway equals it's own path of perpetal pleasure! My teeth take hold of her neck and unleash her horrid screams. Her hands firmy grasph my thighs and rendor my stance useless as I collapse upon her pelvis...huh...........whaaa? what was the question?

030. <b>Do you exercise daily?:</b> Of course!
031. <b>Do you smoke cigarettes?:</b> fuck no
032. <b>Do you find youself having alcohol inside you often?:</b> fuck no
033. <b>What is the best brand of gum?:</b> the zebra kind
034. <b>Do you have pets? Would I bang them?:</b> yes and hell no
035. <b>Describe your house. Or, van.</b> huh....
036. <b>Post a picture of your room.</b> I don't have a room right now. figures.

:choses importantes:

037. <b>Why are candy canes responsible for the downfall of society?:</b> suck on the edge for a little bit and see why!
038. <b>Are credit cards the reason for deaths in the Dominican Republic?:</b> that and you know no sex.
039. <b>Which would win in an ultimate fight to the death, a pen or a pencil?:</b> don't ask stupid questions, the pencil.
049. <b>Do you believe in faeries?:</b> only ones that bring sorry boys back to life
050. <b>Is Marijuana good for the soul?:</b> never
051.  <b>Who is the best Beatle? Would you do him?:</b> uhh probably the ones that are all shiney. Dung beatles yeah! No!
052. <b>Are rascist jokes silly, or fancy? Tell us one.</b> Silly! What's the difference between a nigga and bag of shit? the bag!
053. <b>Do you enjoy techno?:</b> electronica? why yes!
054. <b>What store do you purchase things from most frequently?:</b> Adult Shoppe...huh.
055. <b>Have you ever lived overseas?:</b> ...duh.
056. <b>What is the best thing to be when one grows up?:</b> slave to Timothy Charles Kirkland
057. <b>Have you ever chased after a man selling things out of a cart, such as snowcones or churros?:</b> me myself and i.
058. <b>Have you ever engaged in sexual intercourse?:</b> I have not and will not ever have sex...I only make love bitches. Gees.
059. <b>Are you a whore?:</b> Are you Sarah? Okay than, I didn't think so!
060. <b>How many rings should a person wear at once?:</b> shiitttt nigga, a thousand bling blings!
061. <b>Are you a vegetarian?:</b> I am human, therefore I am omivour, therefore...Hellll no.
062. <b>Do you take pleasure in murdering pigs?:</b> *smacks you* Love thine pigs!
063. <b>How many hours do you sleep at night?:</b> enough to stay alive obviously.
064. <b>Who is your best friend?:</b> Sarah
065. <b>Can I be your best friend?:</b>...no. Just..no.

066. <b>PROMOTE US. And give us proof, or we will feed you to the rhinos.</b> HEY Don't forget about this site. There. Proof right now. Nerds.
067. <b>Post <u>Three or More</u> pictures of yourself. </b>

<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v38/fleshyniteshade/Mr%20Cogent/Timmy-2004Style.jpg">
<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v38/fleshyniteshade/Mr%20Cogent/Tim_-__Reading.jpg">
<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v38/fleshyniteshade/Mr%20Cogent/Tim_-_Long_Hair_Days.jpg">
<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v38/fleshyniteshade/Mr%20Cogent/TIMMAY.jpg">
<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v38/fleshyniteshade/SarahandTim-Kiss.jpg">

068. <b>How will your presence in this community improve society?:</b> Oh please...you'll love me. Your community needs me, it's a bore without me. I'll make it fabulous!...I promise!
069. <b>Do you giggle whenever someone says “69”. Meh.</b> No.
070. <b>Is dancing with goats a great way to pass the hours?</b> Hahaha, duh!


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