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001. What are you named?: God.
002. For how many years have you existed?: 16 years Mad'am.
003. Homestead: Deusthlander!
004. Sexual Preference: Unknown?
005. Do you have a husband?: 6.
006. Favorite color in the whole wide world: Green.
007. Does James Bond fascinate you?: Not at all.
008. When will the world spontaneously combust?: When....Uhh. I like Cheese.


009. How do you like your potato?: All the ways Potatos can go.
010. Do you enjoy consuming condiments by themselves? Why?: It is a hobby of mine.
011. Does the consumption of macaroni and cheese give back to the community?: Of course. MAC AND CHEESE OWNS YOU!
012. Tamales are the focus of your life, no? What are the best kind? Please be elaborate.: The suck. :)
013. Are food products that are reduced in fat minions of the anti-Christ?: Not to you. "Oh! Diet Dr. Pepper. I drink it because it's nasty" BLAH!
014. How do you feel about cheese bread?: It owns me. Kase Brotchens will own you!
015. Make a list of your fifteen favorite foods. Now. 1-15. Raja Fries and Pepsi!

: les arts:

016. Ten Bands that you adore. List them, child. The Faint, Cursive, The Beatles, Blink 182 (pre last 2 albums), Uhhh I give up.
017. Which bands should be pushed off a cliff into a pit of hot cinders?: Nirvana. I kid I kid. Creed.
018. Do you play an instrument? Are you wonderful at it? I definetly don't play an instrument. You have definetly not played an instrument at my hows.
019. Write a song. I don't need to write a song. Just think of "PAPER". Mmm What a hot hot piece of work.
020. Would you dance for me?: Over and over.
021. Do you write poetry?: Nope.
022. Can you paint beautiful things?: of course :)
023. Have you ever been to the Louvre?: yes
024. Is Ballet good for the environment?: Only sometimes
025. Which movies are the best in all the land?: The good ones
026. Which actor/actress would you want dead?: Hilary Duff.


027. How tall are you?: 5 3
028. Is your hair soft enough to pet?: Yes Sir.
029. Describe your body. But make it sound wonderful. It's...fleshy?
030. Do you exercise daily?: yes.
031. Do you smoke cigarettes?: never
032. Do you find youself having alcohol inside you often?: Not really.
033. What is the best brand of gum?: I can't eat gum. Ahhh!
034. Do you have pets? Would I bang them?: Yes Yes you would. and you have...
035. Describe your house. Or, van. Its tall. Has some rooms. Yup.
036. Post a picture of your room. NEVER!

:choses importantes:

037. Why are candy canes responsible for the downfall of society?: Because ...they taste nasty.
038. Are credit cards the reason for deaths in the Dominican Republic?: It is rumored to be.
039. Which would win in an ultimate fight to the death, a pen or a pencil?: That's a tough one. It really depends on the type. Mechanical Pencil or ballpoint pen, felt tip pent...regular pencil. IT ALL DEPENDS.
049. Do you believe in faeries?: the type on neopets :)
050. Is Marijuana good for the soul?: No. BURNING FLESH.
051. Who is the best Beatle? Would you do him?: John Lennon and George Harrison. And i would totally tap them.
052. Are rascist jokes silly, or fancy? Tell us one. It burns like a 1000 jews. Totally stolen from Chris O!
053. Do you enjoy techno?: Veyr much so.
054. What store do you purchase things from most frequently?: Px. I am a sad puppy.
055. Have you ever lived overseas?: many a times.
056. What is the best thing to be when one grows up?: A hobo.
057. Have you ever chased after a man selling things out of a cart, such as snowcones or churros?: Sadly no.
058. Have you ever engaged in sexual intercourse?: Well this one time. We were drunk. I blacked out. I found a bottle somewhere it shouldn't have been. I don't like to speak of it. Yeah...
059. Are you a whore?: Numoro uno bitch.
060. How many rings should a person wear at once?: 2.
061. Are you a vegetarian?: Yes...No. Kinda.
062. Do you take pleasure in murdering pigs?: WHY! Why would someone do such a thing. :(
063. How many hours do you sleep at night?: Not much.
064. Who is your best friend?: Motha Theresa. Nigga.
065. Can I be your best friend?: Duh.

066. PROMOTE US. And give us proof, or we will feed you to the rhinos. Feed me to the rhinos bitch.
067. Post Three or More pictures of yourself.


Boo Ya!

068. How will your presence in this community improve society?: I don't know. I'm god. That's pretty cool.
069. Do you giggle whenever someone says “69”. Meh. Always.
070. Is dancing with goats a great way to pass the hours? Is it..?

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